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Our convention center is able to meet any requirement at any given moment and to help you get a job done with the highest level of success. Our versatility is something that makes us so desirable and so popular.

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Speakers you want to hear

We also offer professional speakers who will manage to provide an excellent experience for all the guests. You choose the one you need and the one that is just right for your needs. Our speakers are the best of the best period.

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Data tracking system

Track the data regarding your visitors, how many attended, what they looked for and so much more. Our system is a state of the art and comes with all the features you can imagine.

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4 halls

Multiple halls are suitable for all our clients who need more than usual and who want to get a hall that is just right for all our specifics and all our needs. Pick one or all if you want and make a convention you have been looking for so long.

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Security is a must

For each and every convention we guarantee you the best possible safety offered by our security team. We can even provide additional security if or when needed. Our security will meet the toughest and the most demanding applications.

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